X - Dynamic Imager Plugin

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  • Get a Bigger Sound Instantly
  • Compatible with all Music Software
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- Instantly turn your rough mix into a wide, industry quality sound using X's one of a Kind Dynamic Imaging.

- Choose one of 95 presets & adjust the crank to instantly get a dynamic sound you can't get with any other plugin.

- Stop KILLING your inspiration with mindless blending & adding tons of effects to try to get the sound you want.

A Subtle Effect that makes All the Difference.

  • 95 Presets to quickly turn your rough tracks into a wide dynamic sound.
  • Easy to use, but very Powerful. So no matter what your experience level anyone can pick it up and use it to its full potential
  • Allows you to worry more about making music, instead of mindlessly clicking around adding effects to replicate this sound.
  • Customize and save your own presets, so if you find a combination you really like... its insanely quick to pull it back up on any track.

What some of our Customers Have to Say... 

"It Just Makes everything Sound So Much Better!"

- Lucky Cat Beats

"This is A Sound I have been trying to achieve for a LONG TIME."

- Beautiful Beats

"I'm REALLY liking this plugin! This will be super cool to play around with."

- Decap Music

Works With All Your Favorite Software!

Don't Worry, Drop is Compatible with all your Favorite DAWS such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, & Studio One