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Drip FX

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$125  $37

  • Free updates for life
  • Free presets for life
  • Free Bonus Music Theory Midi Kit
  • 48 Fully Customizable Presets
  • Hands on support from our team

- An Effect Plugin that turns your rough melody ideas into beautiful sounding inflections.

- Stop KILLING your inspiration with mindless blending & adding tons of effects to try to get the sound you want.

- Just choose one of our presets, turn the "Overall" knob to the amount you desire, and keep creating!!

"I just got Drip the Other day and I can honestly say that this plugin is ridiculous!" 

"This is a Great tool for producers. I Really, REALLY like it. Seriously!"

- Isage Beats

"I love using Drip on Melodies, Especially for when I run out of Ideas and don't know where to take it next."

- Ocean

"If Im in a session, I don't have time to sound design. I just need to go. I think I would load up Drip, and if you find the right preset the room would definitely feel it."

- Decap Music

"What Drip does is Instantly add a Vibe to Your Sounds. I've Never heard a sound like this before!"

- Busy Works Beats

"Literally Two Clicks and its Perfect!""...and the Melody is fire!"

- Chuki Beats

"I just got Drip the Other day and I can honestly say that this plugin is ridiculous!"

- Justin Produces

Over 61,000 Producers are Using Drip
Here's Why...

  • 48 Presets to quickly add life to your Melodies, so you can optimize your workflow and make music more efficiently.
  • Easy to use, but very Powerful. So no matter what your experience level anyone can pick it up and use it to its full potential
  • Allows you to worry more about making music, instead of mindlessly clicking around trying to blend effects.
  • Customize and save your own presets, so if you find a combination you really like... its insanely quick to pull it back up on any track.

Works With All Your Favorite Software!

Don't Worry, Drop is Compatible with all your Favorite DAWS such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, & Studio One