Two Clicks Mega Bundle

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  • Includes Every Plugin & Expansion Pack
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Get every Two Clicks Plugin and Sample pack at a discounted rate!


- Drip FX ( $125 Value )
- X Plugin ( $75 Value )
- Spaz FX ( $50 Value )

- Drop - One Shots ($40 Value)
- YZ - Guitar Loops ($40 Value)
- Gremlin - Bass & Vocal One Shots ($20 Value)

Over 61,543 Producers are Using Drip
Here's Why...

  • 48 Presets to quickly add life to your Melodies, so you can optimize your workflow and make music more efficiently.
  • Easy to use, but very Powerful. So no matter what your experience level anyone can pick it up and use it to its full potential
  • Allows you to worry more about making music, instead of mindlessly clicking around trying to blend effects.
  • Customize and save your own presets, so if you find a combination you really like... its insanely quick to pull it back up on any track.

"I just got Drip the Other day and I can honestly say that this plugin is ridiculous!" 

"This is a Great tool for producers. I Really, REALLY like it. Seriously!"

- Isage Beats

"I love using Drip on Melodies, Especially for when I run out of Ideas and don't know where to take it next."

- Ocean

"If Im in a session, I don't have time to sound design. I just need to go. I think I would load up Drip, and if you find the right preset the room would definitely feel it."

- Decap Music

"What Drip does is Instantly add a Vibe to Your Sounds. I've Never heard a sound like this before!"

- Busy Works Beats

"Literally Two Clicks and its Perfect!""...and the Melody is fire!"

- Chuki Beats

"I just got Drip the Other day and I can honestly say that this plugin is ridiculous!"

- Justin Produces

Works With All Your Favorite Software!

Don't Worry, Drop is Compatible with all your Favorite DAWS such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, & Studio One